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Cricket Kit
Cricket Kit includes ,cricket bats, cricket ball, cricket kits, shoes, gloves, pads, caps & helmets.
1. Cricket Bat
A bat is made of wood and has a handle where the batsman holds the bat. It cannot be longer than 38 inches or wider than 4.25 inches. The front portion of the bat is flat and back portion has a slender curve, which gives the bat thickness and balance.
2. Ball
The standard circumference of a cricket ball is 9 inches. The ball is made of cork at its center, wrapped in twine and covered with leather, which is stitched to form a seam. White ball is used in the short version of the game, while a red ball is used in the test cricket.
3. Stumps
These are three wooden poles of height 28 inches. It has a conical bottom and a horizontal groove across the top end. There are three stumps at each end, with two bails sitting across the top of them and are equally spaced to cover a width of 9 inches.
4. Boundary
A rope which demarcates the perimeter of the field is known as boundary line. This is marked by a thick white rope.
5. Sight Screen
It is the screen outside the boundary, exactly perpendicular to the width of the pitch and behind both pairs of stumps for better visibility. A black screen is used for the one day internationals, since this version is played with a white ball and a screen of a lighter shade is used for test cricket.Cricket clothing is fashioned in such a way, so that it is comfortable and at the same time provides the proper protection to the players. Apart from t shirts with collar, pants, hats, caps, spiked shoes, and sunglasses, following is the list of important protective gear.

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