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Famous Cricket Players Styles
Famous Cricket Players Styles
1. Sachin tendulkar
Tendulkar is best because he has achieved many things against the greatest bowlers in the world in his era. Whereas bradman is mediocre because if you see ICC best bowler during his time there is no single best bowler alive on his time, all were batsman and fielding was sloppy not a world class like of todays. When bradman played his last test with huge expectation to score only 4 runs to make his average 100, he went out for 0 runs only. On the other hand sachin has been carrying burden of billion peoples and their expectation over many years along with the success to fulfill those expectations including World Cup.
2. Sir donald bradman
He the best full stop. 99.94 average at any time is still good. No come close.If you are talking about the best batsman of all time that is Sir Don Bradman. Granted, he played in an Era where there were fewer team than there is today. But Bradman played in an era where they played on uncovered pitches. Lets not forget the fact that players like Bradman had there careers interrupted by the Second World War. It was some time before their careers resumed. Bradman was known for his dedication to perfecting his skills, such the famous batting the golf ball up against the wall with a stump to sharpen his hand eye coordination.

Bradman held a lot of batting records, such as the most double centuries and the highest score in test cricket for many years before some of these records were eventually broken. However, he still holds the record for the highest average in test cricket history. A record that Bradman is easily the best. Averaged 99.94 over about a 20 year period! No one else comes close. If someone came along in 40 years and played almost 4 times more test cricket than Tendulkar has and made a lot more runs than him, because he played so much more, but averaged only a little over half what Tendulkar has averaged say 30, would we say he was better than Tendulkar? Id suggest hell no.

3. Brian lara
Help I dont understand! How is he below umar akmal.He is pure class of a batsman absolutely no one will never bat like him not even Sachin and that is a fact. He is just superb! The best of all times in the history of cricket.This is the best ever Batsman in the world. Everyone after him has tried to emulate him. Great Cricketer. West Indians are the best.
4. Ricky ponting
HE is the best captain of Australia RICKY PONTING more centuries in test and Odi cricket than any other Australian in test he can scored 39 centuries In odi he can scored 30 centuries Ricky Ponting has probably been the best captain for Australia and likely the world he has world cup once and is great bats men.The best class player in the world. He is the best batsmen of all time. You rock Ponting. Now you will be the best batsmen of all time. Compare the matches between tendulkar and ponting. Ponting is way ahead when tendulkar was in pontings place..
5. Rahul dravid
The wall stands tall even at the age of 38. He has been called up up by the national team for odis and t20. He didnt get opportunity since the last 4 years. He has scored more than 12000 runs in test cricket at an average of 54.58. Whenever he has made his century, India has won. Only in two occasions he has been unsuccessful. He should be at the first position. People please vote for Rahul Dravid. We need to spread the message.He is great. He is the last classical batsmen. He is a stroke maker an artist in one, he is the wall in good form you can call him to bat for your life

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