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Fitness Training Rules
Fitness Training Rules
1. Make it part of you
When I was 9, my older brother, Ian, was called off to war. Before he left, he took me aside. I might not come back, he said. But whether I do or dont, I want you to promise me that youll always exercise and keep yourself fit. When Ian got home, he found I had kept my promise, and today Im about as fit as a 75 year old man can be. The secret is commitment. It cannot be a fad. Even if your exercise program is small, you must make it a part of your life.
2. Walk at a good clip
Not just on the course, but off. Good walker golfers can go 36 and have energy to spare. Sam Snead had a wonderful stride and a rapid, consistent pace. He moved like a jungle animal and never tired. On the flip side, I once played with a famous football player in the old NFL Golf Classic. He was known for his endurance, but after three days he was absolutely whipped. Walking is natural, but you can improve at it Walk rapidly and smoothly, swinging your arms to help you breathe.
3. Develop both sides of your body
The perfect golfer would look like Popeye thin waist, powerful legs, huge forearms, with the left and right sides equally strong. When you perform any repetitive motion like the golf swing, its important to strengthen the corresponding muscle groups. Swinging a weighted club is a great exercise, but if youre right handed, make the same number of swings left handed. This will keep your back and hips in balance and prevent injury.
4. Focus on your hands and wrists
Henry Cotton once told me that your hands, fingers and wrists can never be too strong. Hitting practice balls will work out your hands, but you want to do special exercises, too. Suspending free weights using your thumb and each finger individually is a big help.

I do my favorite hands and wrists exercise when my grass at home gets long. I take a sand wedge (the heaviest club in the bag) and cut the grass with it, holding on firmly so I can accelerate to a full finish.

5. Work on your core
Strengthening your core muscles, your stomach especially, has become a mantra in golf training programs. Its not news to me; Ive always felt that my core essentially holds my body together and prevents back injuries. I still do sit ups. I can do hundreds in a day as long as I break them up into two or three sessions.

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