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Handsome Cricket Players in the world
Handsome Cricket Players in the world
1. Virat Kohli
He is an Indian cricket captain and a well versed player of the era. Virat has made various records and gotten lots of appreciations. More than his cricket records, his hot and handsome look is lovable for his fans.
2. Dale Steyn
Dale Steyn is a South African player and is said to be one of the most dangerous bowlers in the world. He works really hard to defeat the rivals in the tournaments. He is quite handsome and tall and has sexy eyes.
3. Alastair Cook
Alastair Cook is a wonderful English cricketer. He is long heighted and charming. He is a well featured cricketer of the era and looks awesome during his games.
4. Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson is a well versed Australian pacer and a famous bowler. He has made various world records and is still making good performances in the cricket. Mitchell is another handsome cricketer and has a charming personality to make us crazy.
5. Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen is a resident of South Africa. His six feet height makes him an adorable player of the world. He is noticeably handsome and good looking.

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