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Most handsome football Players and his Hairstyle 2014
most handsome men in world football and his Hitler youth hairstyle.
1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Paris St. Germain
This is Zlatan.
2. Philippe Mexes AC Milan
Ill be honest I have no real idea what is happening with Philippe Mexes hair at the momenttheres just a bit up there and its a little bit hacked up and its far too short on the sides.
But when he does things like this I guess he can have his hair however he wants.
3. Alexandre Song Barcelona
The English Premier League has never been the same since Alexander Song took his wonderful hairstyle (and skills too I guess) with him and headed for Barcelona.
It does seem to have calmed down from last season but Songs hair is still one of the most fantastic hairstyles around at the moment.
4. Neymar Santos
Brazilian sensation Neymar has always been an exciting young character.
From his flowing mohawks to his dazzling on-field skills everything about the Santos forward has been incredibly exciting and dramatic.
Even when he does his hair to make it look like he didnt do it in the first placesomething Im not sure Ill ever quite figure outit still ends up looking fairly cool.
5. Mario Balotelli Manchester City
Very little about Mario Balotelli isnt outrageous.
Over the years the Italian international has become one of the most enigmatic characters in world footballstarting with his incredible hairstyles.
This season has provided a thin mohawk which is clearly better than some hairstyles hes had before but does lend itself to some seriously scary characteristics.

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