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Rules To Play Chess Boxing
Chess boxing is a hybrid fighting sport that combines two traditional sports, chess and boxing.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Chess boxing
Chess boxing is a mixed sport which puts together the sport of boxing with games of chess in every other round. Chess boxing fights have been done since early 2003. The sport was started when Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, given the idea by a similar sport in the writing of Enki Bilal, started actual matches. The sport has become more well known since then.To do well at chess boxing, players must be both good chess players and good boxers.

Fair play
Banned substances
Chess Clock Malfunction
Chess boxing
Players And Equipment
Resignation protocol
Object Of The Game
Chess Draw in Relation to the Chessboxing Bout
General Advice
Speaking to the arbiter
Conflict resolution
Enforcement of Chess Rules
Structure and rules
Winning The Game
Equal opportunities

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