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Rules of Golf
Golf is one of the few ball games that do not require a standardised playing area.
1. Golf Game
1.Defines the game of golf in general as playing a ball with clubs into holes according to the rules.
2.In general, players must not influence the position or movement of any ball in play nor alter the course itself, unless specifically allowed by another rule, or in the general interest of preserving the course from damage. Violation is a two-stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of the hole in match play.
3.The rules are to be strictly observed in their entirety; players must not agree to change or waive any of them under penalty of disqualification.
4.Any dispute as to the proper action which is not covered by the Rules should be resolved by doing what is most equitable.
2. Match play
1.Defines match play as a variant where players compete for the lowest score on each hole, and defines terms used during play.
2.Players who tie divide the winning of the hole between them.
3.Defines winning conditions for match play.
4.Allows players to concede an opponent's stroke, a hole, and/or the round prior to or during play of that element of the game.
5.Defines the procedures for resolving doubts and disputes.
6.The general penalty for a rules infraction in match play is loss of the hole except when overridden by another rule.
3. Stroke play
1.Defines stroke play in general as a variant in which players compete to play the entire round in the fewest strokes, and defines terms.
2.No surrendering or concessions; a player who has not completed the current hole by holing out before moving on to the next one is disqualified.The ball is holed and the hole completed the ball has come to rest within the circumference of the hole and completely below the top lip of the hole. Slipouts, bounceouts, and other situations where the ball may fall in but not come to rest completely within the hole do not count as holing out.
3.Defines procedure for doubt or dispute; allows a player in a doubted or disputed situation to play two balls and score the one that was played correctly.
4.Refusal to comply with a rule affecting another players rights during the game is a disqualification.
5.The general penalty for a rules infraction in stroke play is two strokes except when overridden by another rule.
4. Clubs
1.Clubs must conform to the specifications in Appendix II; generally, clubs must be of a traditional form and make, and plain in shape. Normal wear and tear does not make a club non conforming if it was originally conforming as long as it is fit for play.
2.The characteristics of a club cannot be changed during a round, and foreign material cannot be applied to the club to influence the ball.
3.Clubs that become damaged and unusable by normal play may be repaired or replaced if it does not delay the game; clubs damaged in other means (frustration) cannot be used, repaired or replaced. A player may not borrow a club from another person playing to substitute a damaged one, nor assemble one from any spare parts that may be carried to repair clubs. If a club damaged in the normal course of play is unfit for play it may be replaced or repaired. Repair means to return the club to its original state.
4.A player must not start a stipulated round with more than fourteen clubs. If two players are sharing clubs, the combined total clubs for both players must not exceed fourteen.
The penalty for carrying, but not using, an illegal club is two strokes for each hole up to a maximum of two that was played while in violation. The penalty for using a non-conforming club or more than 14 different clubs to make a stroke at the ball is disqualification.
5. Golf Ball
1.Balls must conform to the specifications of Appendix III, and may be required to be on a list of pre approved balls.
2.A ball must not have foreign material applied to it intentionally to influence its movement.
3.A cut, split, cracked or deformed ball is unfit for play and must be replaced with another without penalty. Other players may dispute that a ball is unfit.Players may inspect their ball in play to determine if it is unfit without penalty, provided that they inform their fellow competitor(s) or the marker, mark the balls position before lifting, do not clean the ball, and replace it if it is fit for play. An error in procedure or the lifting of a ball without good reason is a one stroke penalty.A ball substituted for another under this rule when the original ball was fit for play may be lifted and replaced with the original ball without penalty , but if a stroke is made at the wrongly substituted ball it s a two-stroke penalty. A ball that breaks in pieces during a stroke is replaced and played without penalty, and the stroke made at the broken ball is cancelled. during a stroke includes any point between the players downswing and the moment the ball comes to rest, so a ball that breaks in pieces on impact with the ground or an obstruction after being hit falls under this Rule.

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