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Rules of Golf
Golf is one of the few ball games that do not require a standardised playing area. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
1.Players and caddies are responsible for knowing the rules, and players are responsible for the rules infractions of their caddies.
2.Defines procedure for declaring and recording handicaps.
3.Players must start their game at the appropriate time as instructed, and must stay with their arranged group for the entire round.
4.Players may be assisted by one (and only one) caddy during the round.
5.Players are responsible for playing the proper ball (the one belonging to them that is in play).
6.One player is the marker and has the responsibility for properly marking the scores of each competitor in the group on their scorecard. The player himself is responsible for the scores recorded and must review the scores and raise any disputes before returning the scorecard.
7.The player must maintain a pace as may be set by the course authorities and must not unduly delay play.
8.The player must not discontinue play except for reasons stated, primarily when play is officially suspended, there is danger of lightning, or for other good reason (not including bad weather in and of itself). The rule further defines procedures for suspension and resumption of play.

Information as to strokes taken
Substituted or wrong ball
Loose impediments
Stroke play
Cleaning ball
Abnormal ground conditions and wrong green
Teeing ground
Water hazards
Putting green
Ball assisting or interfering with play
Ball at rest moved
Golf Ball
Golf Game
Ball unplayable
Ball in motion stopped or deflected
Lifting and dropping and placing
Ball played as it lies

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