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Rules of Handball
Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players . . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Throw In
A throw in is awarded when ball goes out of bounds on the sideline or when the ball is last touched by a defensive player (excluding the goalie) and goes out of bounds over the endline. The throw in is taken from the spot where the ball crossed the sideline, or if it crossed the endline, from the nearest corner. The thrower must place one foot on the sideline to execute the throw. All opposing players must stay 3 meters away from the ball.

The Ball
Free Throw
Decide whether you are playing Chinese or American handball
Understand the objective of the game
Understand how progressive punishments work
Defending the Opponent
Disqualification and Exclusion
The Playing Court
Duration of the Game
Know the rule violations
Referee Throw
Number of Players
Play for the correct length of time
Meter Throw
Understand the different types of throws
Passive Play
Understand what the field players can do
Throw Off
Throw In

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