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Rules of IceSkating
Ice skating is moving on ice by using ice skates. It can be done for a variety and various sports.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Learn to stop
To stop, bend your knees slightly inward and then push out with one or both of your feet. You should put a tiny bit of pressure on the ice so as your feet will not slide out from under you. When you stop, you should have created a little bit of snow that was sheered off from the ice.

Ice hockey skates
Figure skates
Try walking
Move forward
Warm up for skating slowly
Dont look down when skating
Find good skates
Dont take skating too seriously
Tie skates the correct way
Get some good skates
Practice frequently
Ice dancing improves reflexes and reaction times
Key fitness benefits of ice dancing
Learn to maintain your balance
Theres no stopping you
Dont lean backwards when skating

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