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Rules of Mountaineering
A mountaineer who adopts Alpine style is referred to as an Alpine Mountaineer.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Keep a map and check your location frequently
As you hike, compare and check the geographical features on the map and confirm your current location frequently. Bring a map even for familiar mountains. Hiking without a map is dangerous, even if you have a guide. You need to identify your current location in order to conserve your energy and set an appropriate pace. Check the current spot on a map if you get lost or separated from the group.

Keep a map and check your location frequently
Conserve thirty percent of your body energy and avoid mountaineering longer than eight hours
If you find yourself lost and turn back immediately
Eat sparingly but frequently
Adjust your pace to the slowest person
Keep bags light and hands free
Check information about the mountain destination including routes and weather
Bring appropriate clothes and equipment
Start early in the morning and finish one or two hours before sunset
Use designated routes only
Be aware of bush fire

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