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Rules of Racing
In sport, racing is a competition of speed, against an objective criterion, usually a clock or to a . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Drive smarter
As discussed on last weeks podcast, theres a meta game to be played here. There are things you should be keeping track of and considering when you race and upgrade to ensure you get the most play time from your Real Racing 3 experience.Your choice of starting car doesnt make much difference to your progress, so its just a matter of personal preference. So, whether you choose the Ford Focus or not, you need to put any lingering or longing thoughts about those supercars in the Store to the back of your mind, and concentrate instead on upgrading the one you have.Win a race or two, and youll have enough for a couple of improvements, so splash the cash on what you think fits your play style best. I found that a balance of upgrades to raw speed and control worked best, so if youre going to get the engine improvement, put some money down for a new set of tyres, too.

The reasoning is simple you wont earn enough money in your starting car to advance significantly without making any upgrades to it. And the only vehicles youll be in a position to buy (without making any upgrades) will be eligible for the exact same set of races you already have access to yet they wont be as fast as the car you already own. To put it bluntly youre throwing money down the toilet by ignoring this advice.The moment and I do mean the VERY moment that you can purchase a new vehicle from a different set of races, though, you should buy it. By having two cars in your garage, you can play the game for twice as long as you would with just one motor in your fleet, and you can potentially accrue twice as much money per play session.If you dont mind dropping dollar, there are two very cheap Packs you can purchase for a total of

Winner notification
Privacy notice
Starting Boost
Limitations of liability
Time your drafting
Drag race
Always have the best car
Turn Sharper
Ramming Other Cars
Avoid the Mob
General conditions
Run wide dont slide
Drive better
Speed Kills
Drive dirtier
Be weary of crews

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