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Rules of Rugby
Rugby football is a type of football developed at Rugby School in Rugby.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Clothing and footwear for playing
Rugby gear is shirt, shorts, underwear, socks and boots! talk to current players for advice on kit. Some minimal padding is allowed. Boots are probably the most important item. Before buying them, you may like to read this Safety and comfort are most important. Keep in mind... IRB reregulations state that stud length must not exceed 21mm and studs should not burr (create sharp edges when worn down) forwards play close together and often their feet are stood on by other forwards , sturdier boots offer more protection forwards require good grip for pushing, individual studs may be better than moulded soles if you have boots with individual screw in studs you can have more than one set of studs and use studs suitable for the surface you are about to play on for speed and agility backs may prefer lighter boots with moulded soles before you buy, try on the boots with the same thickness of sock you will be wearing during a game buy from a reputable TRADER and specify you want rugby boots football (soccer) boots may be suitable but tend to be a lighter construction (offering less protection for your feet)

The areas behind the posts
When the ball goes out of play
When you break the rules
Offside and Onside in General Play
Other general play and stoppages
Match Officials uphold the laws rules
Simple details of play
The game starts centre field
Playing the ball with your feet and legs
When no tackle takes place
Special catching situation
What are sidesteps
Who controls the rules of rugby
Knock on or Throw forward
Points and how you earn them
Clothing and footwear for playing
Number of players in a game
Play starts and restarts with a kick
What you cannot do
Contests when the ball is on the ground

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