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Rules of Rugby
Rugby football is a type of football developed at Rugby School in Rugby.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Its not round so its a bit of a weird shape for a ball! True, but it does make the game pretty interesting. Get to know the ball so you catch it well or predict where its going to bounce and where it will go after it bounces. You can make the ball do what you want it to do... ...when you know all about the rugby ball.

Contests when the ball is on the ground
What you cannot do
Object of the game
When the ball goes out of play
Number of players in a game
Points and how you earn them
Playing the ball with your hands and arms
Match Officials uphold the laws rules
Special catching situation
Play starts and restarts with a kick
The game starts centre field
Offside and Onside in General Play
Simple details of play
The areas behind the posts
Moving the ball around the field during play
Contests when the ball is off the ground
Who controls the rules of rugby
Clothing and footwear for playing
Stopping the ball carrier

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