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Rules of Snooker
Snooker is a cue sport played on a table covered with a green cloth or baize, with pockets.
1. Snooker
Snooker is one of the most popular billiards games in the world. Similar to pool, the snooker game takes place on a feltcovered table with 6 pockets, a cue stick and a set of balls. Here you can learn how to play snooker.
2. Obtain the proper equipment
Snooker is played with 22, unnumbered object balls, divided into two groups of 15 red balls, 6 balls of different colours and one white ball (the cue ball). Each ball has a different point value: red=1, yellow=2, green=3, brown=4, blue=5, pink=6, and black=7.
3. Potting the balls
Understand that youre trying to score a higher number of points than your opponent by potting the balls, i.e. sinking the red and the coloured balls alternately into the table pockets.
4. Toss a coin to decide who is to play first
The first player has to cause the cue ball to contact a red ball. If he fails to do this, the other player tries.
5. Red ball
The first player to cause the cue ball to contact a red ball continues by potting or touching one of the coloured balls and then a red ball in sequence until he fails. Then, the turn is moved to the other player, who has to pot a red then a coloured ball in sequence until he fails.

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