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Rules of SnowBoarding
Snowboarding is a recreational activity and olympic sport that involves descending a slope.
1. Dont carry your board like you are in a black and white comedy film
When carrying your board through town after a hard days riding be careful. You always see people stumbling back from the bar hitting people with their board like someone in slapstick comedy film carrying a plank of wood. Make sure this isnt you because people wont be very happy with you and like in the said films you could get yourself a bop on the nose.
2. Dont block narrow areas of the mountain
Narrow parts of the mountain can quickly become bottle necked and congested. Keep them as safe as possible by not stopping where there is little room for others to safely pass you.
3. Be in control of your gear
When you stop for lunch and take off your board there is a simple way to make sure it is as safe as possible. If there is no room in the supplied board racks or there are none around then you should never leave it resting on its base. Turn it over and dig the bindings into the snow so they can act as brakes. This will prevent the board taking off down the mountain and causing a problem.
4. Always be seen
Following on from snowboarding rule 10, if you need to stop make sure you do so in a visilble place. At no time should you stop just over the crest of a roller or dip on the mountain where you cant be seen by others. This is the worst place you can be and dont be surprised if you get ploughed into by a fast moving rider or skiier. If you want to have a head at the end of the day you wont ignore this one.
5. Stick to the side when stopping
When stopping on the mountain for any reason it is safest to head to the side of the piste or run that you are on. Here you will be out of other peoples way and free to sit down and rest for as long as you like.

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