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Rules of SnowBoarding
Snowboarding is a recreational activity and olympic sport that involves descending a slope.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Stick to the side when stopping
When stopping on the mountain for any reason it is safest to head to the side of the piste or run that you are on. Here you will be out of other peoples way and free to sit down and rest for as long as you like.

Get on the right lift
Dont block the area at the top of a lift
Be in control of your gear
Know your own ability
Half pipe
Never ignore the signs on the mountain
Be prepared for the cold
Rail jam
Dont block narrow areas of the mountain
Dont ride too fast in crowded or busy areas
Snowboard Racing
Dont carry your board like you are in a black and white comedy film
Alpine Snowboarding
Leave plenty of room when passing

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