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Rules of Tchoukball
Tchoukball has become an international sport, played in Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic.
1. Rules and Regulations
No player can stand in the D with the ball, although it is allowed to be airborne.Only 3 consecutive shots at a frame from both teams is allowed.Any interfering with another teams passes or movement is not allowed.
2. Fouls
A foul results in the opposing team gaining possesion at the site of the foul. This team must then make one pass before they can shoot at goal. After a point is scored the other team restarts the game behind the scoring frame.Only 3 passes between a team is allowed. Making 4 is considered a foul.Catching a rebound from your teams shot is not allowed. Stepping out of bounds with the ball is a foul.Dropping the ball is a foul.
3. Point Loss
A player gives a point to the opposing team when shooting and The ball rebounds and lands immediately in the forbidden zone.The ball rebounds and goes out of the playing area.The ball rebounds and touches him.Misses the rebound surface completely.
4. Learn How to Play
Tchoukball is played with two rebound frames. These frames measure 90 centimetres square and are situated at both ends of the court. A line runs 3 metres from the centre of the bottom of the frame around in a semi circle. This area is called the D or forbidden zone.The court size varies greatly depending on the ages of the players, a full size international standard court is 40m by 20m in size.Unlike most other team games you can score at bothends.There are 10 players in each team, including 3 subs.Players fall into 3 categories. Wingers, Forward Pivots and Centre Pivots.To score a point the ball must be thrown at the end so that it lands over the line of the D.
5. There are no designed sides
It is illegal to intercept a pass from the other team.No more than three passes before shot.No more than three steps by a player holding the ball.There are certain rules beyond the basic point scoring system described in tactics which every Tchoukball player should be aware of, for example foul moves which would result in loss of possession.

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