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Rules of Tugofwar
Tugofwar is a sport that directly puts two or more teams against each other in a test of strength.
1. Additional Tug Tips
Remember that you shouldnt allow your dog to jump forward to grab at the toy before youve invited her to tug. If, at any time, she does, say Uh-uh! or Nope! or Oops! Then immediately pull the toy behind your back or over your shoulder so that your dog cant reach it. If your dog already has the toy in her mouth, do what works to get her to release it again (see options above), but dont reward her when she lets go. Next time, be ready so that when your dog jumps forward to grab the toy, you can snatch it away before she gets it. This will teach her that she never gets the toy when she grabs at it before you give her permission. Make a habit of asking your dog to sit and wait before you present the toy and invite her to Get it! If youre consistent, your dog will learn that the best way to get you to play tug is to sit and wait patiently until you start the game.If, at any time, your dog misses the toy and puts her mouth on your hand, instantly yelp or shriek loudly even if it didnt really hurt. Then immediately walk out of the room (taking the toy with you), and give your dog a brief time-out. Wait outside the room, in silence, for 20 to 30 seconds. After the time-out, return and act like nothing happened. Invite your dog to play tug again, but use a very calm voice so that you dont overexcite her. (If shes really hyped up when tugging, shell be more likely to accidentally bite you again.) If your dog bites your hand more than three or four times during one play session despite the time-outs, she may have trouble learning to play tug appropriately. If this is the case, it might be a better, safer idea to try teaching your dog to play fetch instead. However, if youre really committed to teaching your dog to play tug with you, try these tips
2. International examples
In the Basque Country this sport is considered a popular rural sport, with many associations and clubs. In Basque it is called Sokatira.Each Fourth of July, two California towns separated by an ocean channel Stinson Beach, California and Bolinas, California gather to compete in an annual tug-of-war.A special edition of the Superstars television series, called The Superteams, features a tug-of-war, usually as the final event.The Battle of the Network Stars featured a tug-of-war as one of its many events.The Peruvian childrens series Nubeluz featured its own version of tug-of-war (called La Fuerza Glufica), where each team battled 3-on-3 on platforms suspended over a pool of water in an effort to pull the other team into the pool. A game of tug-of-war, on tilted platforms, was used on the US, UK and Australian versions of the Gladiators television series, although the game was played with two sole opposing participants.In Japan, the tug of war is a staple of school sports festivals.In Indonesia, Tarik Tambang is a popular sport held in many events, such as the Indonesian Independence Day celebration, school events, and scout events. The rope used is called dadung, made from fibers of lar between two jousters. Two cinder blocks are placed a distance apart and the two jousters stand upon the blocks with a rope stretched between them. The objective for each jouster is to either a) cause their opponent to fall off their block, or b) to take their opponents end of the rope from them.A form of tug-of-war, called juldarigi, is an important part of many agricultural festivals in Korea.
3. National organizations
The sport is played almost in every country in the world. However, a small selection of countries have set up a national body to govern the sport. Most of these national bodies are associated then with the International governing body call TWIF which stands for The Tug of War International Federation. As of 2008 there are 53 countries associated with TWIF, among which are Scotland, Ireland, England, India, Switzerland, Belgium, and the United States.
4. Injury risks
In addition to injuries from falling and from back strains (some of which may be serious), catastrophic injuries may occur, such as finger, hand, or even arm amputations. Amputations or avulsions may result from two causes looping or wrapping the rope around a hand or wrist, and impact from elastic recoil if the rope breaks. Amateur organizers of tugs of war may underestimate the forces generated, or overestimate the breaking strength of common ropes, and may thus be unaware of the possible consequences if a rope snaps under extreme tension. The broken ends of a rope made with a somewhat elastic polymer such as common nylon can reach high speeds, and can easily sever fingers. For this reason, specially engineered tug of war ropes exist that can safely withstand the forces generated.
5. As a sport
There are tug of war clubs in many countries, and both men and women participate.The sport was part of the Olympic Games from 1900 until 1920, but has not been included since. The sport is part of the World Games. The Tug of War International Federation (TWIF), organises World Championships for nation teams biannually, for both indoor and outdoor contests, and a similar competition for club teams.In England the sport is catered for by the Tug of War Association (formed in 1958), and the Tug of War Federation of Great Britain (formed in 1984). In Scotland, the Scottish Tug of War Association was formed in 1980. The sport also features in Highland Games there.Between 1976 and 1988 Tug of War was a regular event during the television series Battle of the Network Stars. Teams of celebrities representing each major network competed in different sporting events culminating into the final event, the Tug of War. Lou Ferrignos epic tug-o-war performance in May 1979 is considered the greatest feat in Battle history.

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