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Rules of Tugofwar
Tugofwar is a sport that directly puts two or more teams against each other in a test of strength.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Formal rules
Two teams of eight, whose total mass must not exceed a maximum weight determined for the class, align themselves at the end of a rope (approximately 10 centimetres in circumference). The rope is marked with a centre line and two markings four metres either side of the centre line. The teams start with the ropes centre line directly above a line marked on the ground, and once the contest (the pull) has commenced, attempt to pull the other team such that the marking on the rope closest to their opponent crosses the centre line, or the opponents commit a foul (such as a team member sitting or falling down). Lowering ones elbow below the knee during a pull known as Locking is a foul, as well as touching the ground for extended periods of time. The rope must go under the arms, actions e.g. pulling rope over shoulders may be considered fouls. These rules apply in heavily weighted competitions. For example, if teams are competing to determine who goes to the world Championships, the rules will be much stricter. But in small entertainment competitions the rules are arbitrarily interpreted and vaguely followed.

The Rope
How to Play
Draw a line
The Line Up
You need at least two players
Read the rules
National organizations
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Pre Game
International examples
Additional Tug Tips
Formal rules
Field and Marking

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