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Rules of Volleyball
Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Practice your serve
A basic serve gets the ball over the net and into the other court to start the rally. This can be done anywhere behind the serve line. A serve that immediately scores a point (only touches the servers hands) is referred to as an Ace.More experienced players can try an overhand serve:Toss the ball in front of you.Make a fist and raise your dominant hand in the air. Bend your elbow to bring your hand closer to your shoulder.Straighten your elbow and strike the ball with the outside of your fist.Less experienced players can serve underhanded.Toss the ball into the air in front of you (its illegal to hold it).Make a fist and pull your dominant hand down and to the side. Your elbow should be slightly bent, and your thumb should be stretched across your fingers.Strike the ball at waist level using the front side of your fist. The ball should hit your fist against your bent thumb and index finger.

Be ready to block
Substitute players
Buy a net
Choose your players
Use a libero
Know how to spike
Serve the ball again
Return the ball if youre on the receiving team
Have designated setters
Practice setting
Measure your court
Learn the basic stance
Purchase a volleyball
Gather your friends
Winning the Match
Serve the ball from behind the line at the back of the court

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