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Rules to play 3 Ball Pool
3 Ball Rules. 3 Ball is played on a typical six-pocket billiard table.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Instant loss
An uncommonly required but serious consequences variant is that if one sinks all three object balls on the break but also scratches or otherwise fouls, this is an instant loss instead of a score of two, taking the form of the player receiving the maximum allowed score (see above),[citation needed] which is technically still tieable, so not truly an instant loss. This rule is an adaptation from nine ball and common North American eight ball, in which sinking the game winning target ball is an instant win unless one also fouls, yielding a (true) instant loss.

Ball Money Pocket
Ball Scoring
Rack the balls for the first shooter
Ball Technique
Keeping score
Foul Rules
Continue shooting
The break
Next person in line
Ball Rack
Instant loss
Team Play
Tally everyones score
Shoot three rounds total

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