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Rules to play 3 Ball Pool
3 Ball Rules. 3 Ball is played on a typical six-pocket billiard table.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
There are several known billiard instructors out there who encourage their trainees to play solo games of 3 ball billiard using the seven, eight, and nine ball as the three balls. We can see how this would be beneficial, psychologically, in preparing players for eight ball or nine ball tournaments. Since the eight and nine ball are common choke points for many players, it can be beneficial to partake in repetitive practice using those exact balls to prepare mentally. Three ball mimics the last three shots in many different pocket billiard games, and thus, can be mentally beneficial. As mentioned before, the final three shots, regardless the game, can be the most difficult three shots, mentally, for any billiard player.

Tally everyones score
Ball Technique
Money pocket
Ball Rack
The break
Foul Rules
Rack the balls for the first shooter
Team Play
Ball Call Shot
Keeping score
Ball Scoring
Continue shooting
Ball Money Pocket
Instant loss

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