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Rules to play 9 ball Pool
9 ball pool played on a small table. Hit the balls in numerical order for the best score.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Determining the Break
Nine ball rack
Legal break shot
Second Shot of the Rack Push Out
Continuing play
Spotting balls
Standard fouls
Serious fouls
The rack
The break
The push out
Texas express
Ball kiss
Object of the game
Racking the balls
the Legal break shot
Bad hit
No rail
In hand
Object balls jumped off the table
Jump and masse shot foul
Three consecutive fouls
End of game
How to Play
Jump Shot
Moving Ball
Double Hit
Head String
Ball in Hand Placement
Marking the Table
Playing Out of Turn
Use of Equipment
Conceding a Game
Concession of a Match
Ball Tapping
Split Hits
Ball Rebounds from Pocket
Hanging Ball
Suspended Balls
Settling Into Place
Player Responsibility
Questionable Shot
Restoring Position
Resolving Disputes
Choose the player
The game continues normally

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