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Rules to play Archery
Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows.
1. Armguard
A guard that, when an arrow is shot, protects the arm from being hit by the bowstring.
2. Arrow
Arrows have a maximum diameter of 9.3 millimetres, although, for faster flight and less wind drift, most are as small as 5.5 millimetres. Each arrow must be marked with the competitors name or initials, while archers use distinctive colours for the nocks and vanes to distinguish their arrows.
3. Bow
The bows draw weight is around 22 kilograms 48 pounds for men, and over 17 kg 38 lbs. for women. The bow consists of a riser and two limbs.
4. Bowstring
The string of a bow.Most strings are made of high tech polyethylene fibres, which are stronger than steel.
5. Chestguard
Plastic or leather, to keep clothing out of the way and to protect against a bowstring at release from injuring the body.

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