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Rules to play Baseball
Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each, played on an enclosed field.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Get multiple runners out at once
When the field is set up just right, the fielders may be able to pull off a double play or even a triple play, in which they get two or three outs on a single play. Triple plays are rare, but possible if enough force outs are available. Double plays are more common, and often involve forcing out a runner on first, and then grounding out the batter before he or she reaches first.
Since three outs causes the teams to switch, a triple play will end the current half of the inning immediately.

Understand the basic concepts
The Field
Get familiar with the infield
Get multiple runners out at once
On Offense
Try a hit and run play
Team scores
Load bases
Get familiar with the outfield
Steal bases
Hit a home run
The Positions
The Equipment
Correct number
Drive forward with regular plays
Learn about strikes balls and fouls
On Defense
Run the bases
Learn about outs
Pitch swing and hit the ball

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