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Rules to play Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball is a sport played by two teams of two players on a sand court divided by a net.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...

Blocking is the action of player(s) close to the net to deflect the ball coming from the opponent by reaching above the height of the net. HITS BY THE BLOCKER

The first hit after the block may be executed by any player,including the player who touched the ball at the block. BLOCK WITHIN THE OPPONENTS SPACE

In blocking, the player may place his/her hands and arms beyond the net provided that action does not interfere with the opponents play. The player is not permitted to touch the ball beyond the net until the opponent has made an attack hit. BLOCKING CONTACT

A blocking contact is not counted as a team hit. The blocking team will have three hits after a blocking contact. Consecutive, quick and continuous contacts may occur by one or more blockers, provided that these contacts are made during one blocking action. (2,3,4) There are no restrictions on which players may participate in a block. (6) Back row players may not participate in a block. (R) Male players may not participate in a block. When a ball is blocked back into an attacking player, the attacker is not considered to be a blocker. Therefore, that contact counts as the first of the teams three hits.

External interference
Players equipment
Rights and responsibilities of the players
Time outs
Playing faults
Scoring system
Refereeing corps and procedures
Service zone
Duration of match
Match preparation
Attack hit
Contact with the net or posts
Coin toss
Court switches

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