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Rules to play Bobsleigh
Bobsleigh is a winter sport in which teams of two or four people make timed runs down narrow.
1. Bobsledding
Bobsledding, winter sport in which teams of two or four steer a sled down an icecovered track, reaching speeds of more than 135 km/h (84 mph). The fastest sled wins, often by mere hundredths of a second. The sports name comes from its early days, when sledders bobbed their bodies back and forth on straightaways to help the sled along. Bobbing was never proved to work and was soon discontinued, but it remained a part of the sports name.
2. Brakes
Brakes are applied by lifting a lever that lowers metal teeth into the ice.
3. Push handles
The side push handles must be retractable. The rear push handles are not retractable. All push handles are used to push the bob at the start.
4. Helmet
A hightech plastic composite helmet must be worn to prevent head injuries. Many have visors to protect the eyes, or the athlete may choose to wear goggles.
5. Start shoes
Made of synthetic material, have spikes on the soles for traction during the start push.

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