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Rules to play Broomball
Broomball is a recreational ice game originating in Canada .
1. Teams
Each team has a goalie, three forwards and two defensemen same line up as hockey. A captain and two alternates are allowed per team and must be designated prior to game time. Only these players may speak to an official. The designation must be marked by a C or an A on the jersey.
2. On sides
USA Broomball uses the floating blue line concept. That is, once an attacking player has crossed the blue line in the offensive zone, the red line now becomes the designated off sides line. Essentially, the blue line disappears as the off sides marker. The ball must completely clear the blue line before the players shoes and no other attacking player can be in the zone before the ball in order for the attacking team to be considered on sides.
3. Icing
Icing occurs when any player of a defending team shoots or intentionally deflects the ball from behind their defending zone blue line and across the goal line of the opposing team. Icing is ruled automatically.
4. High broom
At all levels of USA Broomball play, a high broom is called when the ball makes contact with the players stick above shoulder level. A minor penalty is called, unless an injury occurs as a result of the high broom, which is a major penalty.
5. Penalties
Please refer to the official USA Broomball rule book for specific actions resulting in minor, major or game misconduct penalties.

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