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Rules to play Caber Toss
Rules to play Caber Toss. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Getting it Up
Let me tell you what the novice does with a caber if no one tells him or her what the technique is.and of course no one is going to tell us when were too proud to ask! I went into my back yard, walked the caber up and picked it up. It was a big moment. I grabbed and grasped and finally found myself embracing the rough and ugly chunk of wood which was stained with some sort of green preservative - carcinogenic - I was sure! Above me was a mysterious force and it kept pushing the top of the pole in all directions. I knew that if I looked up I would see this giant hand pushing on the caber. But I also knew that if I looked up I would drop it and it would kill me and my wife was off at work and.well you can see how bad this can all get. About six weeks later I actually turned it though, and felt pretty good. I called it my turning point.

Caber Specifications
Hand Weapon
The Pick
The Run
Miscellaneous Rules
Tossing the Weight for Height
Scotland the Brave
Scottish Bagpipe Music
A Better Route
Auld Lang Syne
Legal Tosses
The Plant
Flower of Scotland
Tossing the Caber
How to win

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