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Rules to play Caber Toss
Rules to play Caber Toss. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Scottish Bagpipe Music
Most people are familiar with Amazing Grace, the bagpipe melody that bands often play at military funerals. However, this tune is not Scottish; it came to the bagpipe by way of England. The author and lyricist wrote this song aboard a slave ship bound for home. Although this popular song soon gained a strong following in Protestant churches, this haunting melody has lyrics that speak neither of Scotland nor of the lives of people who created the Great Highland bagpipes.

The earliest known record of the Scottish bagpipe date to around 1400 A.D. The songs that Scottish pipers first played on their bagpipes had their origin in folk songs heard for centuries at weddings, dances and community celebrations. These songs regale Scottish culture and traditions. They tell the stories of beautiful women, famous clans, Scotlands heroes and places that bonded the Scottish people to each other and to their land.

How to win
A Better Route
Tossing the Caber
Auld Lang Syne
The Plant
Tossing the Weight for Height
Legal Tosses
Flower of Scotland
Scottish Bagpipe Music
Hand Weapon
Scotland the Brave
Getting it Up
The Run
Caber Specifications
The Pick

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