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Rules to play Camel Riding
Camel racing is a popular sport in Pakistan,Australia, and Mongolia.
1. Camel racing
Camel racing is a popular sport in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Australia, and Mongolia. Professional camel racing, like horse racing, is an event for betting and tourist attraction. Camels can run at speeds up to 65 km h 18 m s; 40 mph in short sprints and they can maintain a speed of 40 km h 11 m s; 25 mph for an hour.Camels are often controlled by child jockeys, but allegations of human rights abuses have led to nationwide bans on underage labor in the UAE and Qatar.
A major camel race is the Camel Cup held at Alice Springs which is the second biggest prize purse camel race in Australia. It is held annually and includes not only the camel races themselves, but also a collection of market stalls and other entertainment.
2. Do what your guide tells you
Camels are not horses.Mounting a camel is entirely different from mounting a horse, and its just as awkward to dismount. The best thing you can do is whatever your guide advises. Ignore him at your own peril.
3. Wear long pants and socks
The motion of the camel causes your pants to creep slowly up your calves, exposing your legs to the sun, sand and camel. Make sure youre slathered in sunscreen, and wear socks to prevent any contact itchiness that may occur.
4. Bring a camera
Youre on a camel so of course you want pictures. If you want to travel with an iPod, it should be queued up to the Indiana Jones soundtrack. Make sure youve got both tied to you, though. While its simple enough to stop so you can retrieve a fallen camera, camels are tall creatures, and any fall will be a long one.
5. Dont forget the aspirin
While half an hour on a camel may not sound like much, it can be a lifetime on your hip joints or your knees especially if theyre weak or prone to injury. Camel rides certainly wont do any lasting damage, but the contorted stance they force may cause some minor discomfort if you ride for more than 30 minutes. Carry a light painkiller like Tylenol or Aspirin with you just in case.

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