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Rules to play Camel Riding
Camel racing is a popular sport in Pakistan,Australia, and Mongolia. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Camels pee on their legs
Which adds to their pungent aroma but they do it on purpose to cool themselves down.

Mount the camel
Camel racing
Do what your guide tells you
Wear long pants and socks
Dismount the camel
Camel rides in Israel
Rural village tours
Camels are unique
Lean backwards on take off and landing
Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water in one go
Camel riding is fun
Bring a painkiller
Cameleers love their camels
Camel ride more comfortable
Camels barely need to drink at all
Bring a camera
Camels smell
If for the first time
When to Go
Camels pee on their legs

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