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Rules to play Checkers
Rules to play Checkers. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Know when to sacrifice your pieces
Theres a right time for you to sacrifice your checkers. If youre ahead in the game, or even dead even with your opponent, dont be afraid to sacrifice a piece if it means youll be able to capture your opponents piece right back. Keep the forward momentum going. Do what you can to avoid having your king captured. The king is much more valuable than a regular checker. Dont trade pieces if it will make it easier for your opponent to king a piece. Trade one for two. Give up one of your pieces if it means you can capture two of your opponents pieces in return.

Continue jumping
Starting position
Touching Pieces
Move your pieces together
Taking a Turn
Watch an expert
Dont play defensively
Conduct of Players
Keep practicing
Time Limits
Focus on the kings
Conduct of Spectators
The Board
Sit across from your opponent
Know when to sacrifice your pieces
Dont forget to block
Take turns moving the checkers

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