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Rules to play Dominoes
Dominoes is a game played with rectangular Domino tiles.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
A domino is played in error
When a player plays the wrong domino, it is called a misplay. If a player misplays for example, joins a 2 to a 3 and it is discovered before the next player makes his play, he must restore the misplayed tile to his hand and play a correct tile. If a player misplays and no one notices until after the next play has been made, the wrong tile is considered played and cannot be replaced with the correct tile. If a score is realized on the undiscovered misplay, the player is allowed to keep it. If it is not a misplay, once a tile is played and a player takes his hand off the tile, it may not be taken up by the player.

Number of players
Decide the order of play
Will Make the First Play
Too many tiles are drawn
The shuffle
Passing and Byeing
Drawing tiles
A domino is played in error
Object of the game
Types of Domino Games
End of the Game
Suggestions and ideas
Placing the first tile
Fundamentals of dominoes
Cross dominoes
Not enough tiles are drawn

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