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Rules to play Dominoes
Dominoes is a game played with rectangular Domino tiles.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Shuffling the Tiles
Seating arrangement
Order of Play
Will Make the First Play
Beginning the Game
Drawing the Hand
Opening the Game
Passing and Byeing
Line of Play
Too many tiles are drawn
Not enough tiles are drawn
A domino is played in error
A player plays out of turn
Types of Domino Games
The shuffle
Object of the game
Blocking the Game
Number of players
The play
Acquire a domino set
Pick a place
Shuffle the dominoes
Draw an opening hand
Decide the order of play
Lay the first domino
End the round and award points
End of the Game
Shuffling the dominoes
Beginning a game
Drawing tiles
Placing the first tile
Playing subsequent tiles
Fundamentals of dominoes
Blocking game
Cross dominoes
Beyond the basics
Suggestions and ideas
Equipment and Preparation
Determining the first tile played

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