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Rules to play Dominoes
Dominoes is a game played with rectangular Domino tiles.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Too many tiles are drawn
If a player draws more tiles for his hand than he is entitled to, it is called an overdraw. Once an overdraw has been discovered, the player to the right of the overdrawn hand takes the extra dominoes from the overdrawn hand, without looking at them, and returns them to the stock. The deck should then be reshuffled before anyone else draws his hand. Here is a rule variation that players may agree to employ Expose the overdrawn tiles to all players before returning them to the stock and then reshuffling the deck.

Cross dominoes
Order of Play
Beginning the Game
Placing the first tile
Shuffle the dominoes
Number of players
Object of the game
Beyond the basics
Line of Play
Drawing tiles
Shuffling the dominoes
Equipment and Preparation
Blocking game
Fundamentals of dominoes
End the round and award points
Acquire a domino set
Passing and Byeing
Beginning a game
Pick a place

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