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Rules to play Finswimming
Finswimming is an underwater sport consisting of four techniques involving swimming .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Its hard to resist a day on the beach, but youll need to know some safety rules for swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the ocean is trickier than the pool because of waves and currents, which can change. When you first get to the beach, check with the lifeguard to find out how strong the waves are. Some places fly flags or write notes on a chalkboard to give swimmers an idea of what conditions are like.

Waves can knock you down or push you to the ocean floor. Stay close to an adult or get out of the water when the waves get rough. People also get into trouble when they start to panic or become too tired to swim. Its important to know your limits, so if you start feeling tired, get out of the water and rest for a while.

In some places swimmers may encounter strong undertows or ocean currents. Rip currents also called riptides are so strong that they can carry swimmers away from shore before they know whats happening. If you are caught in a current, swim parallel to the shore alongside the shore rather than toward the shore until the water stops pulling you, then swim back to shore. If you cant get back to the beach, tread water and wave for a lifeguards help. In this situation its really important to stay calm and not panic.

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