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Rules to play Finswimming
Finswimming is an underwater sport consisting of four techniques involving swimming .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Lakes and Ponds
Lots of kids swim in streams, lakes, or ponds. Extra care must be taken when swimming in these beautiful places. You cant always see the bottom of the lake or pond, so you dont always know the depth of the water. This is an additional reason to always swim with an adult.

Although the fish swimming around wont hurt you, some ponds and lakes may hide jagged rocks, broken bottles, or trash. Wear something to protect your feet. Also, watch out for weeds and grass, which can trap even a good swimmer. If you panic and try to yank yourself free, you may get even more tangled. Instead, shake and pull your arms and legs slowly to work yourself loose and call for an adults help.

If youre going out on a boat, always wear a life jacket. Again, the life jacket should be Coast Guard approved. Even if you are a good swimmer, something could cause the boat to tip over and you could be trapped underneath.

Apnoea finswimming
Competitive Strokes
Technical Rules
Water Parks
Bi fins
Turns and Finish
Surface swimming
World Championship
Lakes and Ponds

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