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Rules to play Fox Hunting
Fox hunting is an activity involving the tracking, chase, and sometimes killing of a fox.
1. Main hunting season
Once the season proper starts usually from early November in the northern hemisphere,or May in the southern hemisphere, the idea is to drive the fox from the covert and pursue the scent that it leaves for long distances over open countryside. The northern hemisphere season continues through to March or April.
2. Drag trail and bloodhound hunting
Drag hunting, an equestrian sport which involves dragging an object over the ground to lay a scent for the hounds to follow,can also be popular, either instead of, or in addition to, live quarry hunting. Drag hunts are often considered to be faster, with followers not having to wait while the hounds pick up a scent, and often covering an area far larger than a traditional hunt, which may even necessitate a change of horses half way through.A non equestrian variation, hound trailing, is practised in the Lake District. Since the UK hunting ban, hunts are using a mixture of an odoriferous substance with an oil in order to improve the persistence of the scent trail, and then to lay the scent about 20 minutes in advance of the hunt.Bloodhounds are also used to hunt a human runner in the sport of Hunting the Clean Boot.
3. Master of Foxhounds
The Master of Foxhounds or Joint Master of Foxhounds operates the sporting activities of the hunt, maintains the kennels, works with and sometimes is the huntsman, and spends the money raised by the hunt club. Often the master or joint masters are the largest of financial contributors to the hunt. The master will have the final say over all matters in the field.
4. Honorary secretaries
Honorary secretaries are volunteers usually one or two who look after the administration of the hunt.
5. The treasurer
The Treasurer collects the cap money from guest riders and manages the hunt finances.

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