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Rules to play Go Fish
Rules and variants of of the card game known as Go Fish.
1. Know the objective
The goal in Go Fish is to collect as many books, or sets of four cards of the same rank, as possible. The person with the most books at the end of the game is the winner. An example of a book would be having all four queens in a deck the queen of hearts, the queen of spades, the queen of clubs, and the queen of diamonds. A book doesnt have to be composed of face cards. You could have a book of nines the nine of hearts, the nine of spades, the nine of clubs, and the nine of diamonds.
2. Know how to build a book
Players collect complete books by taking turns asking each other for a card they need to make a set of cards complete. For example, if a player is dealt a two of clubs and a two of hearts, she will ask another player if he has a two. In this way she adds cards to the book until it is complete.
3. Know what it means to fish
If a player is asked for a card she has in her hand, she is obligated to hand over all cards of that rank. If she does not have the card, she replies, Go fish. The player who requested the card then fishes a card from the pile of extra cards called the draw pile. This gives her an extra chance to obtain a card for one of the books she is building.If a player receives the card she asked for or draws it from the pile, she gets another turn.If a player doesnt end up with the card she asked for, her turn is over.
4. Understand how the game ends
Players continue to go around the circle, asking for cards, drawing cards and creating books, until either someone has no cards left in his or her hands or the draw pile runs out. The person with the most books is the winner.
5. Nominate a dealer
In Go Fish, one person starts out as the dealer, the person who distributes the first hand of cards and gets the game started. The person who had the idea to play the game usually plays the role of the dealer. The other players arrange themselves in a circle extending from both sides of the dealer.Some people like to follow certain rules to figure out who the dealer should be. For example, the dealer could be the youngest or oldest person present, or the person whose birthday is coming up the soonest.If you end up playing more than one game of Go Fish, the dealer of the second game is usually the person who won the first game.

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