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Rules to play Gymnastics
Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach skills for life, including independence, focus and self dis
1. Still rings
Two parallel rings 50cm apart, suspended from a cable and straps and held, one in each hand, for a series of exercises in mens artistic gymnastics particularly requiring stillness of the body; also called the rings.
2. Uneven bars
An apparatus in womens artistic gymnastics with a top bar 2.4m above the floor and a lower bar 1.6m high, used for a continuous series of grip changes, releases, new grasps and other complex moves.
3. High bar
A bar standing 2.75 metres high, used in mens artistic gymnastics; also called the horizontal bar.
4. Pommel horse
A solid apparatus 115 centimetres high with two handles, or pommels, on top that men in artistic gymnastics use for a series of manoeuvres defined by complex hand placements and body positions while holding themselves above the apparatus.
5. Plane
An imaginary surface where moves are performed, i.e. lateral, frontal, horizontal or diagonal.

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