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Rules to play Hula Hooping
A hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck.
1. Put on athletic clothing
Wear a tight fitting shirt and pants so itll be easier to hula hoop and so the hoop wont get caught on any loose clothing.Comfortable shoes will also make it easier for you to hula hoop. They dont have to be athletic shoes.Avoid wearing any bracelets or any dangling jewelry that can get caught in the hula hoop.
2. Put the hula hoop on the ground
Choose a hoop that reaches your chest or waist when you stand it on its side. Larger hoops are ideal for beginners because they spin more slowly, which gives you more time to adjust to the rhythm of the hoop. If youre really committed to hula hooping, you can try hoops of a variety of weight and size to see what works best for you.
3. Reach down and grab
Reach down and grab the edges of the hoop. Place your hands apart at a comfortable distance.
4. Spin the hoop
If youre a righty, firmly spin the hoop counter clockwise. If youre a lefty, spin it clockwise.
5. Start to move your waist in a circular motion
Push your stomach forward as the hoop moves across your stomach. Push the hoop back when it moves across your back. Or you can rotate your waist in small circles and when the hoop touches your left hit your waist towards the left side and when the hoop touches your right hit towards the right. Eventually you will find a perfect motion for pumping your torso.

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