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Rules to play Hurdling
Hurdling is the act of running and jumping over an obstacle at speed.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
In order to obtain the optimal hurdling technique, one must first learn the proper running techniques. Its important that the runner stays on the balls of his or her feet for the entirety of the race. This makes a fluid movement between each stage of the race.
There is a technique that is desirable to accomplish efficient hurdling action during a race. Many runners rely mainly on raw speed, but proper technique and well planned steps leading up to and between each hurdle can allow an efficient hurdler to outrun faster opponents. Generally, the efficient hurdler spends the minimum amount of time and energy going vertically over the hurdle, thus achieving maximum speed in the horizontal race direction down the track.
When approaching the first hurdle, athletes try to avoid stutter stepping a term used to refer to the cutting of stride length before reaching a hurdle . This cuts the runners momentum and costs valuable time. Athletes attack the hurdle by launching at it from 6 7 feet away depending on runners closing speed . the lead leg extended yet slightly bent because a straight leg leads to more time over the hurdle so that the heel just narrowly clears the barriers height. After launching, the trail leg is tucked in horizontally and flat, close to the side of the hip. The objective is to minimize center of gravity deviation from normal sprinting and reduce time spent flying through the air.
In order to hurdle properly and not simply jump over it, a runner must adjust his or her hips to raise them over the hurdles. This involves the correct use of the lead leg, trail leg, and arm positions. The lead leg is the leg that goes over the hurdle first, and should remain fairly straight. Upon crossing over the hurdle barrier, the runners lead leg snaps down quickly landing roughly 3 feet 1m beyond the hurdle. The trail leg follows the lead leg. The trail leg drives forward at the knee not swinging, as swinging causes the trunk to straighten up , and pulls through to maintain stride length. An effective trail leg will be parallel to the top of the hurdle and will be as close to the top of the hurdle as possible. The arm position is the most critical aspects that people often ignore. As the lead leg is being lifted over the hurdle, the opposite arm should cross the body parallel to the ground. This helps with the runners balance and rhythm throughout the race.
In mens hurdles it is usually necessary to straighten the leg at the top of the flight path over the hurdle, although a partial bend in the knee gains a faster push off when the athlete hits the ground. The ability to do this depends on the runnerss leg length. As soon as the foot has cleared the hurdle, the knee starts bending again to lessen the effect of a long, slow pendulum. In womens hurdles, the lead leg is usually straight and the center of gravity does not rise relative to a normal running stride. Another way to view it is the foot path shortest path up and shortest path down. The opposite arm reaches farther forward and the elbow travels out to the side and then behind to make room for the trailing leg. The trailing leg also leads with the knee, but the foot and knee is horizontal, tucked up as tight as possible into the armpit.
As soon as the lead leg begins its descent, a strong downward push is exerted to enable the trailing legs knee to come up under the armpit and in front of the chest. This enables recovery of some of the energy expended in the flight. As the lead leg touches down to the ground, its critical that the runner remains in a sprint. As soon as his or her lead leg touches down, the trail leg arm drives the rest of the body forward.
In the 100 and 110 meter hurdle events, the fastest hurdlers use the three step technique. This means that three large steps are taken in between all of the hurdles. In order to do this efficiently, hurdlers must take long strides and maintain their speed for the entire race. If a hurdler begins to slow down while three stepping, they may not be able to make it through all of the hurdles and may have to switch to four stepping or five stepping technique. When three stepping, a hurdler will use the same lead leg for all of the hurdles. If a hurdler four steps, they will have to switch lead legs at each hurdle.

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