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Rules to play Knife Throwing
Rules to play Knife Throwing. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Assume the proper stance
Place your weight on your dominant leg, rest your non dominant foot in front of you with no weight on it, raise your dominant arm in front of you so that it is perpendicular to the ground, and bend at the elbow so that the knife is raised alongside your head. Keep the knife a comfortable distance from your head so that you do not cut yourself when you swing to throw it.

Take a 45 degree step
Swing the knife forward
Throw the knife perfectly
Professional technique
The throw
Release the knife and follow through
Choose a target
The training
Bad habits to avoid
Long range
Pinch Grip for a Double Edged Blade
Resist the urge to throw the knife like a baseball
Find your throwing line
Knife throwing competitions
Pinch Grip for a Single Edged Blade
Clean the blade after throwing
Spear style

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