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Rules to play Lacrosse
Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American/First Nations Iroquois origin played.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Learn how to defend
Theres no one way to defend, but your object on defense is to recover the ball without the other team scoring. You can do this by Poke checking hitting the other persons stick legally with your own, causing the ball to come out.Body checking hitting the other person legally with your own body, causing the ball to come out.Intercepting a pass. Anticipate where a pass is going and catch it mid air or bat it down.

Understand that the mens and womens
Understand other unique rules of gameplay
Understand the object of the game
Understand possession and offsides
Learn how to shoot
Lacrosse Helmet maintenance
Learn how to catch
Get your hands on a stick
Assess penalties
Lacrosse equipment
Know the basic play
Know the positions of lacrosse
Manufactuers recommendations
Understand the rules associated with timing
Hold the stick in the proper way
Learn to pass
Learn how to defend
Practice your ground balls
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