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Rules to play Lacrosse
Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American/First Nations Iroquois origin played.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Learn how to shoot
Shooting the bass is necessary in order to score goals. Move your dominant hand down a little lower than you would to pass. Perform the same basic movement as passing, except this time, put more force behind it. There are plenty of different kinds of shots in lacrosse 3 4, sidearm, underhand but for now, focus on overhand shots.Try to direct the shots on the corners of the goal. The goalie has a harder time against shots that arent directed right at him, so aim for top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left. Try bounce shots. Bounce shots are where you bounce the ball on the ground before it gets to the goal. Bounce shots are hard for a goalie to defend, so use them.

Learn how to defend
Nice and snug
Hold the stick in the proper way
Get your hands on a stick
How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet
Learn how to cradle
Lacrosse positions
Understand the rules associated with timing
Understand the object of the game
Understand that the mens and womens
Know the positions of lacrosse
Across the brow
Learn to pass
Practice your ground balls
Know the basic play
Learn how to shoot
Lacrosse Helmet maintenance
Lacrosse equipment
Assess penalties

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