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Rules to play Luge
A luge is a small one or two person sled on which one sleds supine and feet first.
1. Bridge
The part of a sled that connects the two runners and from which the aerodynamic racing shell is suspended. Made of steel, there are two bridges on each sled one in front and one in back.
2. Gloves
Luge gloves are spiked at the fingertips to assist with the start and paddling motion as the sliders accelerate onto the track.
3. Grip
Each hand holds a handle on the side of the sled.
4. Helmet
Sliders wear helmets that have a clear or tinted visor which extends under the chin to reduce resistance.
5. Kufen
The German word for runner, usually made of fibreglass or wood. The slider steers by applying pressure with his her foot onto the runners.

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