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Rules to play Personal Watercraft
Rules to play Personal Watercraft. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Apart from the obvious hazards of collisions and mechanical breakdowns common to all vehicles, operating or riding a PWC can involve a risk of orifice injuries. These injuries are typical of the kinds of injuries that waterskiers experience by virtue of falling into the water at speed. Such injuries can occur from simply falling in the water at speed or they can occur from the output end of the pump jet. A rider who falls or is ejected off the back can land directly in the path of the PWCs high pressure jet of water.

Boater Safety
Access to Water Recreation Areas
Reckless Operation Includes
Excessive speed
What Boats Need This Inspection
Reporting a Boating Accident
Personal water craft
Driver inattention
Texas General Land Office
Operate at a Safe Speed
Reckless driving
PWC Operation
Registration symbols
Internal Orifice Injuries
Renting PWCs
Who Can Operate a PWC
Driver inexperience
Off throttle steering

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