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Rules to play Personal Watercraft
Rules to play Personal Watercraft. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Your Weather Signs
Checking the weather before you leave for a day of boating is important but it will not prevent weather problems. At many times of the year and in different areas of the country, the weather can change rapidly, and even professionals have trouble predicting these changes.
Weather changes generally come from the west. While underway, you should continue to check the weather. If you have a marine radio you can get weather reports on 162.55 MHz or 162.40 MHz, or from local Coast Guard radio stations. If you have a portable radio, tune to a station that gives frequent weather updates.

Internal Orifice Injuries
Personal water craft
Avoid Alcohol
Renting PWCs
Reporting a Boating Accident
Driver inexperience
Access to Water Recreation Areas
Who Can Operate a PWC
Size Does Matter
Excessive speed
PWC Operation
Texas General Land Office
Operate at a Safe Speed
Reckless Operation Includes
Boater Safety
Your Weather Signs
What Boats Need This Inspection

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